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Charbonnier G. Jeanroy, H. Alziary Honore Bourguignon, Maurice Davau, Roger Lallemand and Roger Morales More Learning from kindergarten story In: school level> the preschool educator CEL for teachers review Geo history> history February 1954 Author: Madeleine Porquet more the educational Records Educator No. 78: history and geography in the 2nd degree in: school level > second degree teaching packs of Educator CEL for teachers history magazine geo December 1972 Read more Workshop “the teaching of history and geography in Freinet” by Claude Beaunis the 10/28/13 – 10:01 in: journal of Congress congress grade level> second degree History Geo> History Add a comment Read more History in 5th class in: school level> the second degree Educator CEL for Ensei gnants magazine Geo History> History July 1963 More History in 6th grade in: school level> The second degree Educator physics homework
CEL For teachers review Geo History> History July 1963 Read more 1 2 3 next> latest ”
1 result Results Firefighter By Velanne Public School on 08/12/11 – 5:58 p.m.

In Creation, Expression Firefighter There once was a firefighter who was rich. He saved a building, cars, homes and people. He gets paid and he is always happy. He always goes to the rescue of people: call 18! Daniel 2011-2012 2 comments Read more

3 Results Printing at school No 31 – March 1930 In: The International Printing Publishing at the School of Printing in the School For Teachers Review Languages> Esperanto History Geo> Geography Arts > school organization Movies> architecture school teaching techniques> tools> teaching Techniques file> audiovisual equipment> radio Movements> Freinet movement> publication (s) teaching Techniques> printing March 1930 Authors: Alberthe Faure Caruel, Freinet, Devogel, H. Alziary Klas, Lavit, Perron, Plan, Raoul Faure Roger Gauthier and Rossat-Mignot more minutes of working Committees I’ICEM Congress Annecy 1 – April 5, 1964 In: Congress a grade> kindergarten school level> Special Education National Education> Inspection grade level> second degree The International Educator CEL For teachers review History- geo> Math History> Calculation, operations Training and research> knowledge of school children Organization> city school Movements> Freinet movement> FIMEM May 1964 Read more New Educator No. 6 in: rights> rights man the New Educator PEMF for teachers review> brief History Geo> History Math> Math Counts> Calculation, operations Arts> Comics Math> school organization Measurement> architecture school teaching techniques> autonomy teaching techniques> tools February 1989 authors: Aline Ribis, Eric Debarbieux, Georges Blanc, Jocelyne Foot, Maryvonne Pilorget Michel Pilorget Monique Ribi s and Nicole Ribis Read more

Results 1 to 10 from 119 Results BENP No. 10 – burning the lino in school In: Education Brochures New People’s Publishing Printing at the School For Teachers book, instructional booklet Technical> Technical Plastic Arts September 1938 new popular education brochure No.

10 Facsimile of the booklet reissued (date unknown) A group of educators CEL edited by Lallemand, teacher-THE CHURCHES d’Argenteuil (Char.-Marit.) THE BURNING OF LINO SCHOOL Author: Marcel Lallemand More Burning linoleum in school In: For teachers book , brochure Science and Techno> Technology linocut Author Marcel Lallemand more details school correspondence and travel-exchange in: Why How FP PEMF for teachers book, pamphlet teaching Principles> communication> correspondence teaching techniques> exit, travel, visit the March 1983 WHY HOW more school in newspapers: Why How FP PEMF for teachers book, brochure French> Scripture-reading teaching Principles> communication> teaching Techniques school newspaper> free text January 1984 WHY? HOW?

Authors: Bernard Auzou, Claude Cohen, Guy Champagne, Reginald Barcik and Renee Isabey Read more trial and error in: Records of the Freinet Institute For Teachers book, brochure pedagogical principles> experimental trial and error February 1966 Author: Freinet Read more BENP No. 1 – the technical Freinet in: Education Brochures New People for teachers book, instructional booklet Principles> communication> correspondence Movements> Freinet movement> Freinet pedagogical techniques technical> printing pedagogical principles> co> jobs, responsibilities teaching techniques > free text January 1937 MONTHLY – No.

1 – September 1937 Education Brochures New People FREINET TECHNICAL Author Freinet more Booklet # 22 – Stationery in modulo m: structures of life, mathematical structures CEL for teachers book, brochure Math More Booklet 21: permutations Groups In: Structures of Life, mathematical structures CEL For teachers book, brochure Maths More Booklet 20: Acts external dialing In: Structures of Life, mathematical structures CEL To teachers book, brochure maths more booklet 19: the 2 groups of order 4 in: structures of life CEL mathematical structures for teachers book, brochure math Read more 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 … next> last »
1 to 10 from 195 Results history documents, they are not as papers in: Teaching Building East edited by a Departmental Group For Teachers History magazine Geo teaching techniques> literature June 1984 Read more school children from conferences Angel Guepin by Claude Beaunis the 11/02/10 – 10:35 in: slice of life film History-Geo Science and Techno teaching Techniques> presentation, child educational conference Techniques> literature every other Friday, during the last hour of class, a set of conferences are offered to all children of school Guepin Angel. Each is part of a series of conferences on offer …

Heck, you can not play the video Initially, the conference is presented to the class. Auditors must complete a form giving their opinion. Record Presentation Heck, you can not play the video conference on the stars (prior presentation to the class) Notes after the conference … Heck, you can not play the video conference Michael Jackson … (prior presentation the class) Heck, you can not play the video Registration for conferences …

Heck, you can not play the video presentation of a research about the Incas follow-up questions … Heck, you can not read video conference on Galileo Add comment Read more Site 1: the Indians of the West Indies By Claude Beaunis on 12/12/09 – 3:27 p.m.

In: Gr Second Degree History Geo> Geo History> Geography. teaching techniques> literature Native Americans text Antilles being written Indians, or Native American, Caribbean are the inhabitants of the New World that Christopher Columbus discovered in 1492. the first encountered by the s Spaniards will be almost completely exterminated in fifteen years. 3 comments Read more No.

09 – The school correspondence In: Practice and Research Publishing ICEM For CD teachers DVD book, brochure French History Geo Life of the cooperative class citizenship pedagogical principles> Cooperation Teaching Principles> Communication> correspondence Techniques teaching> classroom organization> life of the class to order payable online in January 2008 Bachy Marguerite BIZIEAU Christian tHE MENAHEZE Francis, with CD-ROM to purchase online (digital version without CD) corresponding, correspondent, correspondents, corresponding, school correspondence Add comment Read more SBT 485-486 – for All Sort: Alphabetical index in: Work CEL Library Supplement for students book, brochure History-Geo Science and Techno teaching Techniques> tools> for All Sort teaching techniques > literature In December 1985 savo ir more Why? How? The literature search in: school level> second degree Why How FP PEMF For teachers review History-Geo Science and Techno Teaching Techniques> literature June 1986 Each of us is in search of a position almost permanently and documentary research involved in this basic need.